a women who doesn’t wear lipstick feels undressed in public

October 14, 2009


today i had two work meets lined up…..can i just say…..i am soooooooo

bored with them.

the first one was a BORE….. well it was o.k?….. he seems unclear about the role he wants filled..at least i’m making the causes….  and the second one when i arrived the person who was meant to interview me had been fired….or left suddenly last week.

fired is my guess.

i didn’t get annoyed and instead took myself for a nice thai soup….did some errands and then came home.

to music hour and NO BANGING!!

i went off to meet adele and put on lipstick for the first time in ages…..since august i was on the lipgloss.

my mum sent me one i ADORED!

when i got to the meet we couldn’t get in…..problems with the door gal turning up.

the three gentlemen there invited us for coffee…..i wanted to go but adele didn’t.

they were very polite including us.

instead adele and i chatted on the way home…..i couldn’t talk her into a hot chocolate.

with or without the boys.


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