music is what feelings sound like

October 13, 2009


finished work earlier than expected and straight home to do my music hour.

had just begun…..still on the robbie vibe and my neighbour begins banging.

today i thought……time to talk to him as i’m getting FED  UP.

so me and my shorts went downstairs and he already had his door open.

i assume ready to bang on my door.

i started by saying that i am a considerate neighbor….I AM…..and i have to listen to there noise and i don’t bang on my floor.

i explained i was doing my music hour……i try to do it at a appropriate time and fit in with work.

that it’s a new thing i do every day.

he suddenly changed…..he said fine….he’d wondered what i’d been doing and to carry on.

it was no problem.

i thanked him.

harmony restored!!!

would have liked to make a spiritual meet tonight but didn’t ….rang adele and we’ll go tomorrow instead.

saw the ADORABLE  tabitha today….who has returned from festival land with a new tattoo, a small love heart on her wrist.

i love it.

i think it is the BEST tattoo i’ve seen.

she’s so creative!!!!!

heard about her late summer romance…….who she said was meant to be S.E.X. Candy…..all blond curls…..but MAYBE more.

never underestimate the feelings!

i was like DON’T carry anything heavy….to which she replied she had been carrying tents all summer.

then pouted.


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