follow your heart but be quiet for a while first. ask ?’s then feel the answer

October 12, 2009

Joan-Miro-Ballerina-II--1925-33096don’t you just love it when you take a risk… telling someone something MAYBE they may not like hearing.

and you make SURE that you do it in a loving way…..even ending with a hug….and it just CLEARS the air and you have a great day.

plus you end up liking them more….and they you.!!

i came home and squeezed in my music hour….my neighbor has started banging on my floor when i do it…..and i AM being considerate….its NOT too loud.

nor 5a.m. in the morning.

but it’s my hour sooooo i carry on.

turn down a few notches…then back up.

today…robbie…. and bought his new video….like it.

like his lyrics.

went to my district buddhist planning…..not bad!!!!

giggled a bit…someone in our district has ALOT of anger and i swear sometimes i think they might combust when they chant!!!

all toasty after my bath….hot chocolate and bed!!


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