anyone who ever gave you confidence you owe them alot

October 7, 2009


james and i got out of the house lateish….with me chanting an hour and constantly burning the milk (or nearly) when making our morning coffee.

then checking the london weather we left and headed to soho for lunch at a thai place Mr On Off liked.

the food was delicious….but as i rightly predicted not the place for a first date.

WE had a HUGE fight about it at the time… this was a first visit.

after lunch we headed to tate modern via a walk down carnaby street.

i grabbed james arm as we crossed over the bridge from saint pauls as i get a bit scared walking over it when it’s windy……i’m convinced it’s past life.

we went to see the pop life exhibition.

we both loved it…….jeff koons racy section was fantastic…….

andy warhol; ALWAYS…..

james bought badges from the keith haring POP SHOP.

the dead horse lying on the floor with a stake in his abdomen gave me the CHILLS.

tracey emin always love.

i bought andy warhol fridge magnets which are now clustered together (james suggestion) on my centre wall heater as you can’t put them on smeg fridges.

i didn’t really want to anyway….smegs are ¬†beautiful as they are.

after off on the crowded peak time tube to go and see breakfast at tiffanys.


we had a glass of champagne whilst we waited for the play to begin.

it was of course different to the movie and we did not compare.

anna friel’s holly golightly was blonde and the story was true to the novel (ive still yet to read it).

she calls everyone cookie.

the set’s were great…..and anna friel sparkled.

not such an expensive Miss Golightly as audrey but amazing none the less.

at interval we bought icecreams and then back for the second half.

i could see it again i liked it so much

after we came straight home to buy indian takeaways……herbal tea……sweet dreams and bed.

i sang james one of my new songs……tiredly……and he made me giggle because he remembered a song i WROTE years ago that is hilarious…..he said he still can’t get it out of his head.



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