red is the colour i feel most strongly about

October 6, 2009

Anish Kapoor at Royal Academy in London

so the bad news first.

i DIDN’T get the job i wanted…….BOO HOO!!!!

i felt gutted about it yesterday….emotionally i had one of those on the kitchen floor moments.

i had HOPED that my interviewing at least for now had come to an end.

the weird thing is i feel happy inside……so i suppose somehow?????? it’s all going to work out.

time for me to pick myself up, dust myself off, carry on and focus on what i have to be grateful for.

i moaned a bit yesterday, now i’ll let go.

so james and i began the day by going to chinatown for a delicious lunch.

then off to the anish kapoor exhibition.

loved the sculpture on arrival “tall tree and the eye”.

reminded me of tom dixon mirror ball lights all sculpted on top of each other.

adore his use of colours, red and vibrant yellow!!!

i wore my red micheal kors sweater in honour.

svayambb “self generated” was amazing it is a huge slab of red wax that moves slowly between two huge rooms in the gallery, squeezing itself through the doors, that james and i both made sure we witnessed.

gallery security were always saying “mind the wax” we don’t want you traipsing it thought the gallery.

also……”shooting in the corner”…. a cannon is fired every twenty minutes with shells of red wax. we saw it twice….the first time i got a shock from how loud it was.

loved the drama of the sombre young man who had the task of shooting the cannon.

“yellow”… i just wanted to climb inside as it recedes into the wall and “when i am pregnant” just swells out of the wall in all white.

next james took us for tea at fortnun and mason…..i’ve never had tea there.

james chose scones, me carrot cake but we shared.

next off to uni qlo to check out the newly arrived +J line from jill sander as james wanted a coat. which he bought and looks fantastic on him with cashmere sweater and hat…..also he treated me to a fab u lous coat which i love.

after we dashed off to try and make the theatre.

we got lost and went on a bit of a wild goose chase.

and missed the deadline so went for a glass of wine in soho, and then home with indian takeaway.

today we are both giving our new coats a outing.

ellis……happy birthday for the 23rd~~~~


my apologies for missing your special dayxxxxxxxxx

call you soon. xxxxxxx



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