it takes two people to be reunited

October 4, 2009


went to my sat ur day meet as usual….and enjoyed it as usual.

then on the way to the tube….bumped into my ex’s beautiful daughter.

we hugged and said how much we missed each other and explained why i wasn’t able to see her and she took my numbers.

she has grown sooooo much she is nearly as tall as me now.

then off to meet james at the eurostar arrivals… looking forward to him coming to stay.

as i waited i loved watching the reunions…one french girl ran towards her lover and as she embraced him her fur hat fell off…….an onlooker picked it up for her.

they cooed and hugged for an age they were still there when we left.


we came home to mine dropped his bags….i made him a cup ot tea a prerequisite now he is in londra and then off we went for late brunch.

we ended up at lucky seven….the best burgers and guacamole with fries!!!!!


on the way home we stopped for a glass of wine at the grand union canal.

then we watched i’ve loved you so long…..i had to read the subtitles james didn’t.

i also received my late birthday present from james, ellis and alex.

love you boys!!!!

a fab u lous red heart purse from prada which i just ADORE and take as a good sign….

maybe love is on the way….

i attached it to my mark jacobs bag immediately and out it went to lucky seven.

it also can be used as a clasp.

also a beautiful blue beret….very john galliano…french resistance which is yet to have an outing right now she is placed on  my maori doll tiki….james put her there.

thanks so much for my presents!!!!!!!

and i ADORE the box too!!!!


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