have the patience, wait it out. it’s all about timing

September 28, 2009


up early……5.20 a.m. chanted an hour before i went to work.

as i walked to the train….leaves had fallen….it’s now that time of year.

i came home and just got out of a hot bath to a phonecall from james.

he emailed me sat ur day and is coming by eurostar to london this…. sat ur day.

he’s been here, there and everywhere.


while we were chatting i got the phonecall on my mobile i have been WAITING for!!!!

did i get the job i know i’ll love or NOT  ????????????

well………i have to wait until monday.

they have two other candidates that they will see thursday and friday.

things i liked about the phonecall.

she called when she said she would and apologized for being late….by 15 minutes.

she was very honest with me…….and asked that i call or email her if i need to know before monday.

all very professional and respectful.

i rang evette and she said good more time to chant…………..that is MY job!!!

also how well they behaved…..for a split second…. i was Gosh now it’s between more of us(aka the two more candidates)and evette pointed out they want to get the right person and if i am the right person i AM.

it’s not a competition.

phew………a reminder to breathe!!!

looking forward to having darling james stay till he flies off to new york on wednesday…….final destination home…..sydney.


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