try not to repeat what already exists

September 27, 2009


i was up and off in the afternoon to the dock…..tom dixons new showroom and show for up and coming designers.

it was so so sunny and i walked down as it was 15 minutes from my place right on the canel.

it was so beautiful…….personally i am a huge fan of tom dixon and drooled over his pieces.

the site was amazing full of light, rustic with a pop up cafe with huge terrace and tables enjoying veuve clicquot……and the best coffee in west london…..anyway thats what it said on the blackboard.

got two cards from two new designers….one does amazing candelabras made out of old pipes….there fab!!!…..and another interesting lights out of rough stripped paper that resembles woven brown birdnests…i loved them.

the tom dixon representative gave me his card and said tom is staying there so you can call if you want anything.

i sat downstairs and stared at a fat fat bowl i have WANTED for ages….instead of 300 pounds…..100 pounds.

buy or not buy??????

on my way to check my bank account i bumped into an ex sat ur day meet member who disappeared after her wedding.

she looks great….and now has a lovely baby girl….plus hubby.

we hugged and she told me to send my love to the group.

i didn’t go back and buy it…….i was good and i have his number!!!

tom dixon said he gets his influences from other fields………that he’s interested in music, architecture, fashion and food trends.

speaking of food!

i went to have chinese with helen……prawns and ginger and spring onion.

then we got icecreams and went and sat in the park and observed the swans.

it was the most beautiful day.



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