giving presents is a talent

September 26, 2009


sat ur day meet as usual and we all got in late (key holder late) so chatted outside.

star signs came up…….and our lessons this lifetime….i was told as a “leo” mine is who am i???? ……..personally i think i have that covered…….

that i’m proud……fear nothing.

then on the way to the door i was called sassy…..i felt like i’d had observations galore!!!!!

at the meet i said no ones wound me up for AGES.

don’t speak too soon!!!

after the meet…..i went to colleens as it was rueben’s birthday party.

i arrived to balloons on the balcony but little sign of a party.

too early……colleen was doing highlights and reuben was down portobello rd.

he returned shortly and i gave him his present and he didn’t like it.

i didn’t mind that as i thought the cowboys COULD be a bit too youngish.

so being the dedicated godmum i looked at other options and went to paul smith at the end of the road to get him a fab u lous sweatshirt.

when i returned with that….he didn’t like that either.

by this point i said i don’t care…..give it away……i’m not getting you anything else.

i found his manner brattish and most ungrateful……his mum supported him in his behavior so i politly left and left the receipt as colleen said she’ll take rueben in to choose somthing else.

i won’t be getting him presents again unless a change in attitude happens.

i came home then went to selfridges to return the other items the sales assistant was tempted to write” brattish behavior” in the column for reason why items returned.

i checked out the designer levels again……loved…..loved….loved brown marni boots.

was very GOOD……and left with sushi and artisan chocolates (only four) as i ate two there.

YUMMY!!!! eating one now.



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