its impossible not to love someone who makes toast for you

September 24, 2009

toaster4slice greeni went to the islington fab u lous place today.

the sun was shining……….and i really enjoyed it.

the place  is amazing so chic!!!!

we had one rock star in for lunch and he was a cool one…..he had lunch on his own.

love everything about the place the customers…..the food…where to i BEGIN!!!!!!!

the style.

for breakfast they put multi colored dualit  toasters on all table’s so you can toast your own bread.

how cool ….it looks like an art installation on the communal large table which runs down the length of the room with amazing white long, coiled cords plugged in.

i had the most delicious lunch at the end……salmon with mango and avocado salsa, fresh beetroot, sweet potato.

and i was asked if i wanted cake i declined.

all the way home i kept thinking…why????? didn’t i have that carrot cake.

this is the prada AND marc jacobs of food!!!!

just went for the hot chocolate….again in those gorgeous glasses.

so now i wait to find out if i get offered it on monday.

it’s between three of us.

just got back from my buddhist group meet.

still not talking……had to go to the toilet at one point because i thought i can’t TAKE listening to these people anymore.

just for a break.

i stayed for tea and snacks at the end ….which i enjoyed and a private chat with evette


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