i will study and get ready and perhaps my chance will come

September 22, 2009


i was up at 4a.m and chanting for an hour before i went to work.

my day was smooth as silk because of it.

i came home made a business phonecall…. as the place i loved in islington which i am due to return to on thursday have now offered me another option, there notting hill site.

all is not cut and dried as i have potential for more money at the islington one but….nothing is set in stone…..and if the universe is going to give me more …in it will come.

there is also something so so so so nice about walking to work.

i couldn’t decide so wisely said i would let her know after work tomorrow.

i did my music hour as i do six days a week…… for the last few days its been going through madonna’s deluxe celebration album song by song which is brilliant.

then i went to my first buddhist study meet for an exam.

i have avoided the exam…..not because i fear them but just because other things seemed more important.

it was at mako’s who is adorable……especially loved his blackboard easel in the lounge which he used to explain buddhist theories.

plus his thermos set up so we could have tea on demand.

we both giggled alot……no one else did…..reminded me of when i worked with barry and we spent alot of the day in fits of giggles.

so good for you!!!

about to go to dreamland and visualize before i go to sleep some images i want.


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