real cowboys never run they just ride away

September 21, 2009


off for another meet this morning……not enough money for moi so short and sweet.

after was off to selfridges, on the tube a women said to me…..your face is familiar after staring at me for a while.

“haven’t i seen you somewhere before”?

she decided it must be in a past life…..we got off at the same tube stop ,bond street and chatted up to street level.

she was telling me that she was now pursuing her spiritual path as a healer.

bought kiehls face mask and silk groom and a few other hair products….in selfridges.

then i thought godsons present as its his birthday next week and he’s having a party sat ur day,

i got him a cath kidston, cowboy fluffy white bath towel and cowboy mug.

i rang colleen to check as i wasn’t sure if it was a bit young for him…..he’s going to be ten.

personally i love it!!!

colleen gave it the thumbs up.

did a quick peruse of designer level as not much time but i love even looking.

just breathing in all those beautiful clothes makes me feel better.

sprayed with prada’s newest perfume on the way out.

then off for another meet…….second one……went well.

when i walked home i dropped off my c.d. at elaines apartment…….through her door.

now going to hop in my lavender bath.


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