one sits more comfortable on a color that one likes

September 17, 2009


so i went to a meet after working and this place is amazing.

decked out in verner panton chairs……simple cotton napkins with one stripe for napkins and gorgeous random sized candelabras.

i had a hot chocolate (still off the coffee)….and they were served in the most divine glass cups.

i love the place.

suze if your reading this and i know you are we visited there notting hill branch when you were in london.

they had colored plates there……this ones in islington and even better!!!

you loved it.

it’s very stylish.

so she wants me to come in and try on the place like a winter coat and have some food and soak up the vibe.

so far so good…..except the money…’s in stages.

i have another place i find out about on monday……the same day i email if i’m interested in a new winter coat.

could be the pro and con list???



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