i myself prefer my new zealand eggs for breakfast

September 15, 2009

queen-eliztoday i was walking past  buckingham palace for another meet ,another hot chocolate and an hour and half of endless questions.

i got helped out on the way there by a kind man and his apple phone…locating the street for me.

it was raining buckets when i left and still is.

i arrived home to british vogue which is always nice and immediately relaxed and read it.

sienna’s on the cover so brings back memories of the comment in september issue (the documentary)about her “……lackluster hair……”  and how she refused to have it cut as she was growing it out…..so they were…WIG!!!!

written more on my song number six….it’s flowing.

listened to terence trent d’arby

“……we started out as friends but the thought of you just caves me in…….”

went to my buddhist meet last night and stayed for the planning which is the first time in months….i took cookies and it was fun.

helen declared i should always buy grazia magazine as carrie bradshaw (i know she used her characters name….sweet)…and madonna are featured every week…and the movies i want to see.

for now i’m sticking to vogue!!! and elle decoration.

may go to a meet later or stay home and snuggle.


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