where’s the glamour? please. It’s Vogue.Ok?

September 14, 2009


so elaine and i had a catch up at the electric.

she is ready to start doing a new collection of her shoes and has had good feedback already when wearing her creations out and about everyone wants to know where to buy them.

elaine said i should never change my hair colour as she prefers it darker and declared me ready to begin doing my music.

she kindly said i’m the only person who keeps on improving and has offered to give my c.d. to a producer who has been working with florence and the machine.

sweet of her!!!

so after one drink we went next door to the cinema to see “the september issue”.

clements and ribeiro were behind us.

the movie was great……loved anna wintour…..

in all the reviews i read they said grace coddington stole the show but for me anna was DEFINITLY the star of the show!!

we liked the tennis scene with andre leon talley as he has been ordered by anna to lose weight…he said she staged an intervention.

it was hilarious….i’ve never seen someone play tennis and not move around the court before….with all his louis vuitton bags.

every outfit anna wore was amazing……….all those fab u  lous dresses.

she had a copy of every vogue in her long island home….a few missing copys were added by her daughter.

made  me for a split second miss all the copys i gave away to paddington hospital…

they looked so beautiful on her shelves.

i was like wow she’s really tough…and elaine said she’s gotta be.

after we went back next door to the brasserie for a nightcap and then walked home.

Boy……would i love to have my own driver!!!



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