truth is like the sun

September 13, 2009


i called my mother this morning and my sisters husband answered the phone.

he was over from australia for the weekend to spend time with his wife and see the babies.

i haven’t spoken to him since my fateful trip to new zealand but thats another story!!

anyway we had a nice brief chat and then i caught up with my mother.

they are scattering my fathers ashes some time this week.

adele arrived with guitar after i had a long lazy bath spent daydreaming.

we chanted for an hour and then did half an hour  music before she dashed off to her yoga class.

we chose one of my songs and had fun, i played an early elvis song for inspiration as thats the vibe i get of the song…..

it’s called “head over heels”

we made a good start and will hook up later in the week.

we shall perform them when where ready.

just got out another bath and about to get ready to go and meet elaine at the electric.

she’s buying the cocktails!!

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