a grand adventure is about to begin

September 12, 2009


sat ur day meet…….i raced there and after met with helen to sit in the sun on goldbourne rd and drink apple juice and eat prawn snacks…….she went for cake.

i finally retrieved my shoes from marios…as mario has sold it and the new owner has been sorting out the chaos….mario did not believe in organization or tickets but he had his own system!!!

my favorite sandals are still in need of some loving so there there for another week.

i miss them!

helen is now 4 months pregnant…….she has been sick alot and i was thinking is this ever going to end????

i feel sick has been her 4 month mantra.

names she has been thinking of ……manwell…..i said please no!!!! and now she has decided against that as it seems others have mirrored my plea.

i’m like ……….the baby doesn’t want to be called that.

she asked me if she looked fat and i said no….. pregnant …..and it’s sexy.

after a chat we were off for a wander……helen bought oil from morocco which is good for stretch mark prevention.

when i got home i rang ellis and we finally had a chat.

he is a darling…..no make that a SUPER darling!!

he say’s i have two things from prada in that blue box but he won’t tell me what.

i can’t wait…i’m still so excited!

he also suggested i ask someone out for coffee….not Mr On Off but the other one….that likes wearing hats.

i said i’ll chant to be open to it happening but i would prefer it came from him.

he said i’m old fashioned and he would send me a birthday card from 1952.

he is also about to send me another parcel of goodies……aka clothes!!!!

he’s thinking autumn…and i shall await my parcel with a huge smile.


3 Responses to “a grand adventure is about to begin”

  1. nariman said


  2. birthday cards that are personlized are the best in my opinion, they really come from the bottom of the heart of the sender:*`

  3. i love to receive birthday cards specially if they are custom built birthday cards *`;

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