i like men who have a future and women who have a past

September 8, 2009


it’s deliciously hot and they are saying all of september will be like this.

i chanted for two hours today……..one on my own and one with adele.

after i began writing my sixth new song…….thats been bubbling for a week or so.

very happy with it…..i would write and then sing to neil young…it helped the flow.

just got back from a business meet, do not KNow how it went……but enjoyed it.

it was a bit weird because we were both wearing black, dark hair and natural glossed lips, similar but not!!!

i got a lift to the meet by my neighbor keeley as i walked out my door she was off for a shop……thats the two hours working!

sang over my song on my return and it’s another thumbs up!!!!

i’m keeping going till i have my album…..and then i still will keep going.


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