when your at the end, look for a beginning

September 4, 2009


so i ended up seeing finley on my own……karen decided to exit the night and us….

sad but am letting go…

i met a new zealand couple…..who were off to scotland this morning on the rest of there travels…….

finley arrived looking swish in a jacket……

he hung out in the bar that was small and with cute  gilt framed photos of performers.

just before finley i got positioned up the front and met another couple…..and american guy who insisted on touching my dress…

he said i looked so dressed up compared to everyone else…

it was one of ellis dresses and he said it reminded him of the 17th century look..

this was finley unplugged..

different to when i saw him at the tabernacle…

his voice sounded AMAZING…and because it was stripped back you could hear it more.

he was more confident……looking at the crowd and engaging more….

he sang in front of me all night…….i got teased that it was because of my dress.

and to stop taking photos of his crotch.

i really really enjoyed it.

didn’t sleep too well as i was upset about the drama before the gig but now after chanting with adele feel much better and happy!!!



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