all good things are wild and free

September 1, 2009


i feel so great……i feel really grateful…..and that i have been protected so much!!!

i have taken a break from feng shui…….ing my drawers and will go back to them after writing this.

i was meant to meet up with Mr On Off to day……and i haven’t heard from him and I’m not bothered at all.

he mumbled possibly tuesday…..and invited me to visit him over the carnival….no thanku…..

i still kept it free in case….i wont do that again unless it is definite!

if we are meant to meet he will call me and if not…….don’t mind.

i feel free!!!

i think why i feel so good is because when he did this exact same thing a year and half ago it really affected me……i got angry and upset.

he called late in the afternoon with no prior phonecall(to confirm what time we would meet)and of course i didn’t see him.

i don’t do spontanous……..respect me….respect my time!

make an arrangement if you want to see me!

i’ve decided i cannot be fussy now and if i take a stepping stone job thats fine……

and do it with a good attitude!!!


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