true love is like a psychic experience

August 31, 2009

00133-9643helen got back from roma yesterday and decided to join me going for a psychic reading today.

off to finsbury park…………

helen went first and i waited in the garden having a herbal tea and cake.

then my turn!!

two men came up the one i met on friday who i shall call Mr ON OFF and the other who he said likes wearing hats!!!

he’s got that right.

i have true love with the hat wearer and a happy marriage… he said he’s the one for me……that he is opening up to me now.

he said i will have to choose between them but he did not see Mr On Off as ever being the faithful type……that a women is around him at present which i felt.

i will make my own decisions and feel what i feel……thats the weird thing about the future…it is just that and affected so much by our own actions.

it was all very VERY positive…..and success on the horizon.

meanwhile it’s time for me to get back to work and quickly!

i walked helen up to harrow rd to help carry her groceries……through air filled with spliff…..YUCK. carnival!!!

i got accosted on the way home……but at least he was polite and said i suppose your taken to which i replied …..




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