a man without a mustache is like a cup of tea without the sugar

August 27, 2009


got an email from ellis this morning and he and alex are about to open there first menswear shop in hong kong…..called MuSTache!!!!

stocking menswear…including swimwear……and santa marie di novella products….ellis’s all time favorite and the only brand he uses.

i just got out of a pomegranate salted bath in his honour.


doors open september 9th!!!

also ellis said i have a late birthday present arriving via darling james……on his travels………in a blue prada box from all three of them.

i will love it!!!!

even if it’s just the BOX!

and if that’s not enough……he is sending me more fab u lous dresses.

can’t wait!!!…….will….PATiently?????

rang karen in sydney this morning to wish her happy birthday for the 28th.

she is doing really well……about to have extensions on her home and an exhibition in melbourne of her  jewelry .

super good!!

later i went to mayfair for pampering…so lovely……hair treatment and that fabulous massage chair.



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