you create your opportunities by asking for them

August 17, 2009

3089694528_bccf67ba38went for a meet this morning, twenty ???????ions.

after i went to tiffanys to get a new world globe for my keyring, there so fantastic, its the third one they have given me for my airplane keyring over the years, no charge of course.

i popped into prada, and cooed over the delicious satin dresses that are very mad  men, in emerald green and YUMMY!!!!!!!

sprayed myself with the new perfume.

then off to the apple store to find out why my computer suddenly runs out of juice quickly when it’s unplugged…….apparently i need a new battery.

got home in time for my hypnosis session with jenni, i really enjoy them.

jenny bought me a plant as a birthday present as she thinks i’ve got green fingers.

the plants are happy!!!!!

“………see things as you would have them be instead of as they are……….”


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