sex is hardly ever just about sex

August 13, 2009

186661i just finished watching irma la douce,……….. it’s a long movie.

i adore shirley mcclaine, as an actress and writer and have read every one of her books.

i think i might need to re read them.

nothing she wrote seemed new to me as i’m into the same stuff.

i loved reading about her past life regression session’s in new mexico,  with acupuncture needles and many years later i have had regressions myself.

she said some of the roles she played were past life like the irma one as she had been in paris, a model and posed for toulouse lautrec.

love it!!!!

she said she saw her first u.f.o when she was 18 and recorded it in her dairy.

“……whatever it is your going through there will be a reason for it…….’


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