glamour is what makes a man ask for your telephone number

August 5, 2009

Picture 4called my mother this morning she sounds amazing, she said she feels on top of the world. she has followed the advise given when she got her first physic reading, and has finally dealt with my fathers ashes.

they will scatter them on a beach he liked with my eldest sister and my mum has got a plaque inscribed with what my father wanted written.

so she’s playing pastsy kline and feeling fab u lous.

also my niece had a B.A.B.Y. today, i would say welcome to the world …….?…… but awaiting name.

a leo baby and my nephew (her brother) is about to have one too in a couple day’s so another leo baby.

i’m sort of pleased about that, perhaps i  won’t be the only outspoken one now!!

here’s hoping!!!!

went to a meet last night sang my song walking there and back, feeling really happy……..passed two guys who asked why i was so happy and told me to stay that way.

had a meet today but he’s moved to tomorrow.

going to watch revolutionary road.



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