mad-bad and dangerous to know

August 4, 2009

versace-pooli watched the second episode of  “the scandalous adventures of lord byron”last night…..unfortunately missed part one.

my favorite scene was when rupert went to meet donatella versace for dinner and discussion on byron.

when he talks about lady caroline lamb slitting her wrists with a champagne glass, donatella is heard to purr “So glamourous”………..that blurb from the sunday’s is why i tuned in.

adele came to chant this morning, before she heads off to tuscany for the rest of august. she said her day’s will consist of swimming and guitar strumming afternoons.

she heard all my new songs including the latest and declared them all HITS!!!!

also uplifting and happy songs!!!

when she returns we will do some gigs together, unless i take off to tuscany and we practice there!! i wish!!!!!

meanwhile i’ll keep writing…………until the studio shows up!!!!

“……a women should never be seen eating or drinking, unless it be lobster salad                   and champagne……”



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