theres no place like home

August 3, 2009

wizard-of-oz-2yesterday i dragged my tired and spaced out body to the buddhist meet, hadn’t recovered from the course but wanted to attend.

took in what i could, it was chanting and a lecture and was meant to meet with helen for coffee but she wasn’t feeling well and i came straight HOME!!!

stopped off for the sundays to find my local supermarket is now renamed and gone more upmarket……change is good!

i lazed, watched a movie, had a nap and started writing what now is my 5th new song.

today i started to judge it so stopped,….it seems to be writing itself and i don’t want to judge…. just want to do.

then i moved on to writing my future ideal life and began, couldn’t decide if i wanted a nanny or not??? so stopped…will return later.

i ‘m cooking and will go back to my song tomorrow and my ideal life maybe later today.

“…..i believe in the idea of the rainbow…….”



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