let them eat cake

August 2, 2009

cake,fashion,party,pink,singers-9097dc031f82b842a2059f04cc00a53d_mthe women’s buddhist course was AMAZING I’m still recovering today as there intense!!!

karen and i got there early, walked round the grounds and had time for tea before it all began, in my case herbal i’m still on my no caffeine detox.

every break cakes were laid out that were baked by the members, they were fabulous.

cupcakes, organic banana, cookies……………..

we INDULGED!!!!!

also we received lots of presents, a photo of the course, bookmarks,each time we went into the hall for more lectures and experiences…………gifts….

buddhist course’s move your life forward.

i ripped slightly, one of my beautiful dresses but it’s on the seam so fixable and very slight, otherwise i’d be DISTRAUGHT.

we got a lift home….and i was in bed by 9p.m.

“…everything changes when your attitude or mindset changes…..’



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