anybody can be good in the country

August 1, 2009

slim_aarons_tent_1_2i’m up early, very as i’m off to the country for the women’s buddhist course.

a one day excursion and i’m meeting karen at paddington at 7 a.m.

i changed the colour of my nail polish when i came home for today’s outfit…….i’m wearing schap….

so i’m in get outta town mode.

we have to take packed lunches, so it sort of feels like school.

i bought mine from the grocer………just got to rustle up a salad.

enjoyed the meet last night……….and cleaned my apartment when i got home.

when i told adele about my fed up day wednesday…….she said it’s like the scales you keep putting grains on and NOTHING seems to be moving and then bingo!!!!!!!

one day those few grains just tips the whole scale.

“……..were gonna move …to the country……where i can see the heavenly stars…”


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