you really can do whatever you want

July 29, 2009

mrbrainwash_501i had a lazy day, no coffee, and two naps because of it.

i’m not drinking alot, just one a day.

i went to my  women’s buddhist meet and i enjoyed it, the topic was districts so i got to say how i feel about mine which is not good……..i don’t like it……and i don’t trust anyone there.

today i felt fed up!!!!! impatient!!!!!!!!!

putting the work in and not getting the result’s anyway that’s how it feels!!


then i came home and found out more about mr brainwash as i like his art.

he is the opposite of my mood today.

very positive in his messages, him combined with the buddhist meet has turned my mood around.

the way he saw his street art is to have a gallery but outside, where even people who don’t like art are forced to see it.

he had his first show in june, …”life is beautiful…..’ he’d been working for ten years, 7000 people came, there were lines around the block!!!!!

he said it was possible, anything is possible you just have to believe, also he said god helped and he had alot of signs, donations and people helping.



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