hair style is the final tip off………………….

July 21, 2009

eggleston_printoff to mayfair to the salon for a hair colour.

popped into paul smiths antique shop for a quick look, and the manager insisted on giving me his card, he asked me what i liked and i said all of it……..he said just wait while i get the truck.

the salon has had a major makeover, and it looks fab, now when i get my hair washed i can also have a  massage.

as usual i got a STACk of magazines and ploughed my way through them.

very little conversation, just how i like it!!!!!

liked the article in tatler about eva herzigova…………

on meeting her boyfriend……….”for me it was definitely love at first sight…..i was head over my-how do you call it ? -heels.”

her summer drink –  rose.

also read an interesting article about a fashion consultant on spirituality.

she said staff mediating together would increase sales.

when she wanted to return to london after returning to sydney, she got rid of all her clothes that she felt had previous memories , and out of the blue a week later got a call from the owner of browns with a job offer.

she also said she decided to really trust!!! and not worry about what would turn up.



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