travelling…………… her card said

July 20, 2009

090716_16banna friel is going to be at the haymarket theatre from september in breakfast at tiffany’s, i’m definitely going to see it!!!

nothing can compare to audrey, i’ve lost count how many times i’ve watched that movie.

still yet to read the book.

karen call’s me the “holly golightly of the sat ur day meet”, i’m not sure if that’s a compliment????

although she IS stylish!

chanted with adele this morning and after did my daily practices.

the funny thing was i ran into adele the day after i threw her number away, she said i’m not getting rid of her that easily!!!

she’s terribly sweet and a VERY talented performer.

just received an email from my buddhist leader saying he’s not ignoring me, just chanting how to encourage me!!!

i sent a Moaning email last week, titled “one of those weeks “i had a moan to him,karen, and my morning pages.

felt sort-of good actually!!!

it passed!!!

………………..”i suppose you think i’m very brazen or tres fou or something”.

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