life today

July 15, 2009

los_alamos_g3so I went for a meet yesterday, and was kept waiting outside for twenty minutes getting more and more annoyed!!!! he said he would be ten minutes………………….

place was full of builders as new site and i DID not appreciate sitting outside on a pile of planks with my mui mui bag!!!!

how rude!!!!

so i left, he called me when i was going underground to the tube and i was too annoyed to ring him back, “saying sorry i’m free now for the meet”, as if i’d bother going back!!!!

changes for me,

1.before i would of thought of leaving but WAITED.

2.i’m not having conversations with people when i’m feeling like STEAM is coming      out of my ears!!!

chanted at home (attempting to shift the energy) and then off to the west end.

when i got back i watched a documentary on william eggleston.

i really like his photo’s, and that he only takes one usually of each subject.

his first exhibition at the momo was universally slammed, years later all the critics apologized.

he said it was modern art, they were supposed to understand modern art but they just didn’t get it!!!!!!!!



One Response to “life today”

  1. ellis kreuger said

    That plane photo made me want to go to the airport and fly away somewhere. Just to have the joy of flying somewhere on a beautiful day with a cocktail. High above the clouds. Thanks for the image.

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