barefoot or first thing in the morning i feel beautiful

July 11, 2009

bardot_and_god_created_woman_1i was off to my sat ur day meet, feeling great, and just as i ‘m about to get there i break my sandal.

there delicate and i had a choice wear one or none.

i had an offer of flip flops from a group member willing to go barefoot for me, but it REALLY didn’t go with my dress and reminded me of visions of carrie in those hideous flip flops when she got mugged for her manolo’s.

barefoot was definitely the better choice, when someone asked i said “it’s my new look, BAREFOOT” they said they liked it.

off to mario’s and he fixed then in a jiffy, whilst he was, i went to the grocer for treat’s sporting my new look.

very barefoot contessa.

i intended to come home and get in my pajamas and watch movies, but got a surprise and very welcome visit from karen.

she just left after hour’s of chatting and catching up.

coffee, herbal tea and finally hot chocolate.

sarah vaughn.

feeling lighter and brighter!


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