quirky, sort-of naughty

July 9, 2009

m_bcdbd38d857c477588bde6542bc31d9fso we met at the westbourne and drank organic apple juice before going to the gig.

super quick catch-up.

the room the artists were playing in is one of my favorite rooms, i think it’s very vivienne westwood and one of the lights makes me think of her orbs.

we both thought it would be great to use to stage a showcase.


my friend fitted perfectly as she was wearing vivenne westwood t-shirt and accompanying bag.

i wore one of ellis’s dresses.

the artist i really liked was dott reed, i knew she would be good just from the   fab u lous outfit she was wearing, with a huge green scarf sticking out of her hair similair to marc jacobs bunny ear’S.

the star of the night!

drank more apple juice and we left while dott was still playing.

dropped at my door.

wrote second and third verse of my new song yesterday, love it, was trying to sing it on the way to rendezvous as i walked.



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