men always want to be a womens first love

July 6, 2009

catherine-deneuve-weds-british-photographer-david-bailey-19651up earlyish and off to chant with helen. we had a quick coffee at the lisboa after, helen had cake i went savory!!

i did my late artist date last night, just in time, candles in the bathroom LoTs, and spent an hour listening to billie holiday and singing along when the mood struck.

“strolling with the one boy………sighing sigh after sigh…..nice work if you can get it and you can get it……… if you try”

spoke to ellis on sat ur day on my way back from portobello he gave me some advise, in regard to a situation, to just act like catherine deneuve in “belle du jour”.

he doesn’t mean what her character get’s up to in the daytime, but more her attitude, which i’m assuming he means to continue to be Aloof!!

he’ll correct me if i’m wrong and also i am going to re watch the movie as it was an age ago i saw it.

he is also sending another bundle of joy, in the form of more fab u lous frocks to help my mission!!!

it’s fair to say i worship the ground he walks on!!!!

on the way home i walked along the canal and picked a pink rose to put in my remaining tom dixon vase.

keeping in the spirit of all things romantic.

i bought replacement vases for my set-up immediately, which i like for now!!!!

got an email from my buddhist leader as i sent him a quick email ?????? as i’m doing the work where’s MY result?????

his reply “isn’t joyful the most important thing” and everything else will just come without my even thinking about it.

my new vogue has arrived “goody” so about to read whilst munching avocado on toast with coriander and fresh lime before i dash off again!!!!



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