lets out a quiet tear

July 5, 2009

Marion Cotillard for Blackbook by Mark Squires 03i was up and off to a buddhist meet this morning, feeling good.

but i wasn’t there long before someone from my district was rude to me and although i didn’t react it affected me!

i spoke about it with two people and it was only when i reached my third person because my gut feeling keep pushing me that i found support.

and that made me cry!!!!

i’ve felt a bit teary and emotional for the remainder of the day.

i’ve had a couple of strange reactions from men in the last two day’s!!!

i had coffee with helen in goldbourne rd, in the sun after the meet.

catching up.

another moment in the movie that really moved me was the ending, when marion cotillard crys!

it’s amazing!!!

“lips that taste of tears, they say, are the best for kisses”

still listening to billie holiday.

when she sings summertime i am immediately back at matthew’s home in sydney, singing it because ellis loved it, in summertime outside.

favorite item i saw today, helen barnes vivienne westwood t-shirt with a teddy bear on it!


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