my girl

July 4, 2009

13334844i saw johnny depp at the electric cinema last night and it was AMAZING!

kate came over to mine and we had guacamole and listened to billie holiday to set the mood.

had a quick chant before we set off for portobello.

kate had acupuncture that day so no drinking, i wanted a glass of bubbly but had to settle for proscecco, with popcorn!

kate’s on a new journey of treating her body well, as she said she had some great hallucination’s but that phase is Over!

i wore one of my beautiful dresses from ellis, indigo, and it looked and felt delicious.

i want to see the movie again!!!

the love story is very moving.

“what is worth living for and what is worth dying for……….only love”.

as kate said he portrayed a real man, never mind the the shooting and looting!!

went to my meet this morning in another frock, from ellis.

loved it !!!……..the gals at the meet said “that is some dress”!!!!

then off to little venice and a boat moored on the canal.

duck familys passing by.

now i’m back i’m eating cherries and about to re watch my video with the young and incredibly handsome robert redford!


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