i was thinking i would miss the rain

July 2, 2009

174359started my morning with a browse on the computer which felt like heaven.

with coffee!!

reading my monthly stars, all my favorite astrologers, glynis McCants take on all things number related.

she mentioned farrah and michael jackson, what they shared in common was both having world records that have never been broken!!!

i know where not not gonna be here for ever, were passing through but i STILL forget that!!!

farrah was a number 7 life path and so am i (apparently) finding a spiritual religion is crucial for 7.

i can tick that box!

lately i’m being a very good buddhist, chanting is going well for my district, i’m really feeling so much more happier, and I’M reading buddhist guidance EVERY day.

even on crowded tubes, exclaiming “SHIT i’m really getting annoyed now” because a man kept knocking my hair!!!!

another day, another meet, yesterday chanted with helen and she said it’s great i’m making the causes!!!!!

then she added one more name to my list to chant for.

me i just want to eat icecream, preferably strawberry, at the moment!!!!



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