she just wore enough for modesty no more

June 29, 2009

stateofgracepreviewtoday my package arrived from ellis and alex!!! thankyou!!!!!!

so before i went on YET another meet i tried on my new clothes.

i loved all of them, four fabulous dresses and cardigan. i have already planned when to give each dress it’s first outing.!!!!!

starting this week!

thanks to the fab u lous boy’s! xxxxx

“my frocks were built in hong kong but i wear them with a strong english style”.

on the hot , sweaty, tube a couple got on just returning from glastonbury.

they said blur were the best, and the girl had been on a hen’s weekend celebration there, her friends boyfriend got down on one knee in the mud at glastonbury last year and proposed!!!!!

they declared me a blur fan, and said see u at hyde park.

yet to get tickets!!!!

both dreaming of a shower and removing her hat which hid her festival hair.

i asked practical ????? like how do you keep your stuff safe in the tent???

she said take all your valuables with you, and i’m like what about your clothes, mine are valuable.!!!!

if i do glastonbury i cannot take my beloved wardrobe with me (next year)!

i’m definitely in the dior gumboot club!!!!


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