just tell yourself duckie your really quite lucky!

June 28, 2009

AAAAC_XIE3QAAAAAADA4Vgi was at the london aquarium last night and drooling over the fish!

i become more kid like than a kid with many  WOW”s and ???????”s like do you think they get bored.

and are the sharks sleeping as they lie on the floor with teeny tiny demo like fish hovering near there tails.

it was too cool!

although i got offered salmon it just didn’t feel right  eating it there!

rang my mum when i came home for a catch up. she said we are so in tune and connected which is true!

up this morning and met with jennie for quick browse round the farmers market, and coffee at the italian. she bought me three dr wayne dwyer c.d.s  as a pressie which i’ll love.

then back for a spirtual session with karen and rustled up a healthy salad!

then began watching a movie that kept st i c k ing and driving me crazy!!!! just when a young and very handsome robert redford appeared on the scene.

i persevered through two bowls of strawberry icecream and then gave in, i don’t want to miss any of his face so will have to wait!

Picture 530

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