i never grew up!

June 26, 2009

Tracey Eminup and off for a morning meet. this has been the only one i’ve wanted and it’s something that i’m not even sure is available.

i’m trying to let go and it’s really h a r d especially in this heat!!!!

i got so excited, this is the one!!!!! and then at a moment in the meet he say’s well we haven’t got anything at the moment and i’m thinking your kidding!!

why meet with me twice!!!!!



let go let go!!!!

met gina on the kings rd for coffee and on route i saw the michael jackson news plastered on the papers!

as i write i’m breaking my ban on the news and watching all the tributes to him.

after catching up i went off to see the tracey emin exhibition at the white cube.

“those who suffer love”

there was a sign on entering “that this exhibition contains art work of a sexually explicit nature” the i was missing from this.

loved the looped animation “those who suffer love” AND THAT SHE’s WEARING heels, manilo’s i’m guessing?

“i keep believing in you”  words embroidered  in pale pink on cotton like a kitsch emblem.

all the neon’s. i love her use of words!

what a talent!

below one of them titled “a fortnight of tears”.3608236167_2e2eb9c840


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