a girl can’t go anywhere without her handbag!

June 23, 2009

sb_116i watched a c.d. last night madonna “virgin interviews”.

i’ve always loved her and her attitude of extreme self confidence and humour.

when interviewed about the sex book and this shot she said she really enjoyed it as only children are allowed to go naked outside.

when asked what the drivers passing thought she said they probably thought they were hallucinating and went to have there eyes tested the next day.

i remember when i first started chanting and i had a shelf as my alter!

i put this picture hanging from it and when the young women’s leader came to chant with me she explained why it wasn’t just a great idea.

i needed a bit of convincing!!!!

was meant to go and check out two sites today and when i went to meet colleen my gut feeling was it’s not respectful if the owner has not arranged drinks or anything for us!

colleen agreed!

so sent a text saying on my way with request he organize it (drinks at least) when he checked who was sending it i received no reply back, as colleen said that was my answer!!!

instead we went to the tabernacle for lunch and e @ o for one glass of rose!

so the right thing to do!!!!!

now going to chant and then go to a meet.

listening to blur’s new album.

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