i go deep

June 22, 2009

c538aca7c05c0a211aec457e0e296afci’m back from the buddhist head quarters course and it was amazing!!!!!

out of my three choices for victories, it looks like i already have one but i want to wait and list all three!

i enjoyed the journey there and back!!!!

thankyou keeley and thankyou melody!

lot’s of laughter especially on the journey back!

i sang my new song” international love” without backing as it’s naked at the moment.

all the men thought it was raunchy, and lot’s of people liked the lyrics!!!

deborah made me laugh by saying she didn’t think i could sing years ago but now does! or as she put it regarding a past performance “what was that about”????


a had to share a room with my roomY,  who yelled at me for turning on the light in the morning, i forgot she was there!!!

what can i say different body clocks, she’s an owl i’m a lark.

so much for travelling light!!!!!!

everyone commented on what i had in my bag, jenny said i needed an entourage to carry my bag and note to the gals!!!! it was so heavy when you dropped me off not just due to beauty products i had a huge box of candles, buddhist books and other shop stuff!!


christini also made me laugh alot with her comments throughout the course, she was like a naughty but not toooo naughty girl in the class. lot’s of asides to make you giggle.

willie kept asking me if i was behaving myself!!!


so lot’s of fun, and i feel so, so so so inspired!!!!

my group leader was also an absolute hoot, with comments like turn up the gas (meaning chant more) and that her kids were emergency buddhists only chanting when they wanted a dolce gabbanna handbag or jimmy choos.

p.s. thankyou to ellis whatever i did in a past life to deserve you as a friend xxxxxxx

your one of my good causes !!!! xxx


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