dreams are todays answers to tomorrows ???”s

June 18, 2009

9903w_1346i have moment’s of remembering my dreams, when i do i write them down.

trevor kept a dream journal for two years and said we dream about everything before it happens.

i’m one of those people who always want’s someone to interpret them, and decided i would go online to the dream dictionary for a change!

after asking two people!!!!

i dreamt i was in my family home with my deceased father present and my mother.

visiting with a man i’m interested in.

he was sweet and proud and my father was teasing him about when he is going to have his apartment finished.

i was wearing a white dress.

i was going to write the interpretation but i think it’s obvious.

except the dress means i wish to be seen as pure and angelic (INTERESTING!)

went to my buddhist meet and didn’t talk again.

i’ve become mute of late which is a real change!!!!!

left just before it finished.

read nearly all  of the buddha in your mirror today.

after all these years of chanting still!!!!!!! still!!!!!!!!!!

i don’t take responsibility for everything in my life.

had many aha moments.


it is a mistake to think we can leave all our problems behind and simply move say to hawaii ( or fiji)!!!!…………….we carry our karma with us like a suitcase.

nothing is erased, forgotten or missed!!!!!



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