prayer is not asking

June 17, 2009

The_Madonna_Prayingspoke to kate and we laughed at how many meets i have been on.

it’s got to be hitting 30!

it’s like the actress auditioning and not getting the part or i’m like giselle before they got my look.

so the subject of prayer came up later in the day, for me it’s chanting for others praying!

i was never around it when i grew up, my grandmother was a practicing catholic and  i used to love all her rosary beads.

never saw her pray!

my parents were  over the catholic church by the time i was born so i grew up without a religion but with spirituality.

worked for me.

the first church i loved was the sacre coeur.

my first trip to paris from sydney i arrive with my luggage lost.

after many tears at japan air lines i hailed a taxi and got the sweetest driver.

we communicated although i could not speak french nor him english.

he located james and dropped me in pigalle much to his horror.

i loved it!!!

and james apartment although they grew much grander in location and stature the longer james lived there.

i wore james clothes until my items where located!

i changed my whole wardrobe anyway.

change countries, change your look!

so prayer or chanting as i’m chanting for my district and especially the members i don’t like!!

i feel my heart stretching in a good way.

and look forward to what it brings!


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