everythings coming up lollypops

June 15, 2009

Gypsyi had another meet today, went for two hours!!!

best offer so far but not in the bag!!

dropped in on colleen and my godson after buying more yoghurts and vegetables from portobello.

we ate strawberries and sat on the terrace, i apologized for being a bad godmum as i haven’t taken reuben out for an age!!!! neglecting my duty’s.

shall be rectified and sooN! he said i’m looking good! sweet!

home just in time to miss the hailstones!

shelled peas!

watched some old videos on gypsy rose lee and boy was she witty.

i can see why she was a huge star. another grim childhood?

do any stars have good ones?????????

indexshe was also a queen of reinvention with a love of art.

miro, picasso, chagall, max ernst and dorothea tanning all adorned her los angeles walls, all gifts from the artists.

from burlesque star to, actress, writer ( the g-string murders), and show biz host.

“if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing slowly, very s l o w l e y”.

 dita von teese is still the gal i’d like to see especially doing her champagne routine!




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