anything you say kid!

June 14, 2009

843171_com_rosarywithup early and chanting with keeley for the women’s division.

2 hour’s which was really hard today!!!!

she arrived wearing a necklace and bracelet from tiffany’s and gifts from her boyfriend.

as it say’s in the rules if you don’t get jewellery or some other romantic gift on your birthday or other significant occassion you might as well call it QUITS  because he’s not in love with you! that’s RULE 12!

incidently keeley and her boyfriend will be marrying in fiji! sometime soon!

keeley said, victory before, during and after the buddhist course!!!

o.k.!!!! no pressure!!!

i can easily think of three things i’d like victory’s with!!!

bumped into a friend on the way to get the sunday’s who i was thinking of this morning and visa versa.

we had coffee in the sun.

now watching my next disc in the  natalie wood collection, gypsy.

liking it and the stephen sodenhiem songs.

having a break for fish pie and salad.

then back to the


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