where liberty is there is my country

June 12, 2009

getattachment-5i went to liberty’s en route to the british museum.

i bought ren provence lavender body wash and came home to lavender bubbles and body wash, also used some of my ren samples, one was like a papaya peel. fResh!

“liberty is the chosen resort of the artistic shopper” oscar wilde

i drooled over the marni lingerie.

the exhibition was amazing.

my favorite pieces,gold emerald rosary and box. SOOO beautiful!!!

                                      the infamous bean “the origin of life”

                                      the bone candlesticks.

                                      star of david necklace.

                                      madonna image.

pretty much all of it!!!!!!

her cutlery which funnily enough i have a version of, bought whilst holidaying in rye sussex.

they had her old notebooks, they were like smythsons with her name in gold on the cover “elsa”.

i also went into the egyptian section and children’s shop.

was debating over a piggy bank??? didn’t buy.

ended in the enlightenment section.

fossils, old books,tiki’s from the pacific, shells!

i am going to buy myself a piece of elsa’s jewelry and slowly add.



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