style is to be simple

June 11, 2009

s320x240called my mother this morning for a long chat!!!

since her psychic reading last month i am reminding her of things she suggested.

get dancing!!!!!! just one.

i discussed surnames in our history as i’m searching for a new one. neither my mother or i liked any from past relatives so i had a google and wrote down a few  possible options.

as long as i’m changing it for showbiz my mum doesn’t mind!!!!


then i came across elsa peretti, who’s designs  i AdorE!!!!

i adore anything in a tiffanys box but especially anything of hers, i bought one of her bean keyrings for a chef i (sort of) loved at the time.

THE only and i REPEAT only time i’ve fancied a chef!!!

i didn’t realize elsa was a model in the 60’s, and friends with halston.

she danced at studio 54  and claimed she used champagne to keep her locks shiny!!

in an even weirder twist of fate there is an exhibition of her work at the british museum and i’ll be near there tomorrow sooo i’m going!!!

now lets try out that pan that tabitha gave me!



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